UMC Conference CRM

The Brick River platform solves the specific needs of the UMC Conferences when it comes to contact management. While other solutions will need to be retrofitted to house the information that your organization needs, our product has been optimized for the UMC with direction from 27 other UMC Conferences. Keep track of clergy, leadership, church information, and more. And the data structure is centrally managed; meaning one of your staff members won't be tasked with maintaining fields and databases that they don't understand. We do the maintenance. And as data structure experts, we collect, vet, socialize, and implement new features often. 

And because the data structure is common to the conferences, it enables us to build connected systems like: the appointment-making tool, the church dashboard, FormVites for handling charge conference forms, and the apportionment calculator.

Managing a district

Managing a person

Managing churches