Benefits of all-in-one

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Brick River is a cloud based SaaS communication hub. That means you don't need to manage servers, databases, system code, or plug-ins. All your data is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  This means continuous backup day and night, redundant servers spread across multiple data centers and the instantaneous addition of bandwidth and resources when your site suddenly attracts four million hits in two hours.  Nobody anticipates your site's success better than Brick River and the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Customize tables and fields

We believe that the only constant is change, and we're built to accommodate. Every organization usually needs at least some custom fields to make the database work for them. Define any type of content you want - and define custom relationships between content. Author to Articles, Volunteers to Programs, Campers to Cabins, Recipes to Ingredients... It's all related. And you can customize Brick River's database to create one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships between records to make it easy on the admin.

Everything's easier, faster, better – for less

Save time: multiple tools in one place means you don't need to log into multiple places and all your data is connected. You and your staff only need to learn one product. You also don't need to context switch from app to app. You only need one license fee, not one for every user.

Great customer service

Many customers have told us about our great customer service. We pride ourselves on being real human beings that are easy to get in touch with. Simply connect with us in the system or give us a call. View testimonials. 

Instant product updates

Since it's a hosted solution, when there are updates, you don't have to have your techies update the database, plug-ins, or code. The new things just appear and we communicate them via training videos. 

Push-button setup

Like Brick River? Great. No need to wait around to have your techies get the hosting or install the stuff. Just push a button and all of Brick River is there for your organization to use. We have preconfigured bundles that will align with your business processes. We get you started fast and in the right direction. 

Sync Up

Need to integrate with other systems like an Accounting, Sales, or an ERP solution? If they provide an API (Application Program Interface), we can connect to it. Have your systems update Brick River or have Brick River update other systems. We make it easy and automatic.

Unlimited users on your account

Brick River is not sold on a 'per seat' basis. Add as many users to your account as you like. Set User and Group permissions to grant and restrict access to content as appropriate.