Event Registration Features

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Question types galore

Our question types cover the simple to the complex: yes/no, for sales, donations, calculated, and even electronic signatures.

Ticketing & attendance tracking

Registrants can print tickets or have them on their phone. Then someone at the door can scan them with their phone. No special equipment needed. Also track attendance with the tickets or by hand.

Glorious Group Registration

It's easy for one person to register a group of people in one registration form. And they can save and edit as often as necessary.


Set up conditions where people are shown questions only if they give specific answers on certain questions. For example, only show the question, "What is your favorite type of dog" if someone answers YES on the question "Do you like dogs?"


If you use Stripe as the payment processor, then you can issue a refund in Brick River and it will also do it in Stripe... or vice versa.


Create coupons to give discounts to your people.

Forms & surveys

You can use Brick River as a basic forms system or for lightweight surveys.

Notification routing

You can choose to have different people notified based on different answers.

Report sharing

The event registration system has several reports. One shows totals and summaries of every choice-based question. This is great for knowing quickly how many people will be attending the workshops or having certain meals. It's also great when doing surveys. There is another detailed report that will show every registrant for every choice-based question. We also have a number of payments reports. Share out the registration results with other people that are part of the planning of the event. Pick only the fields you want them to see.