For Creative Agencies

Don’t Sweat the Tech

You’re the creative/strategy gurus.  We’re the tech guys.  We designed Brick River for people like you.  What do we mean by that?  Simple: the platform is built to get the tech stuff out of the way so you can do the important stuff.

Our platform does business the way you want to do it.  For one client…or many clients.  On the front end: any site you want, any user experience you can imagine.  On the back end: one, simple way for you (or them) to manage it all.

Why Agencies Love Brick River

Design freedom…no theme or template traps.  Build to suit your client’s needs.
Easy content management…powerful, no-code editing tools.
End-user focus…we build the community stuff right in.  Emails?  Analytics?  It’s all there.
Multi-site management…run multiple sites with ease from one control panel.
Cloud-based. No code/hosting management work. Up in a button-push.

For those weeks that go by where nobody says "we need a developer to do that"…you’re welcome. 

And for those times when you do need a developer…fear not.  Your developers will love Brick River as much as you do.

Why Your Clients Will Love You (More)

  • They won’t have to call you for simple content updates (or any updates…it’s up to you).
  • You’ll have more conversations about to grow the partnership instead of how to fix it.
  • They’ll start paying you promptly with the money they’ll make by following your advice.

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