For Developers — the No-Drama Platform

Brick River is a cloud-based CMS and communication platform designed by code jockeys - for code jockeys. 

We like to ask our prospective customers a simple question:

Which of these is important to you?

  1. An easy, no-code way for your client to create and edit content (without calling you)
  2. Speed, stability, and security
  3. Easy access to raw code whenever you need it.
  4. All of the above

If your answer is “D”…then Brick River is for you. 

Why Developers Love Brick River

Cloud-based. No code/hosting management work. Up in a button-push.
Speed: we hope you never need to borrow your kid’s tablet to update a layout while waiting for the school bus.  But when you do, you want a code editor that loads FAST!
Code is always accessible. No need to fight with WYSIWYG builders or templates (although with our system, you may actually find it simpler sometimes).
Any content you want. Make your own tables, fields, and relationships.
Nothing Proprietary.  We didn't invent a language. You can edit pages and re-usable design layouts using HTML, CSS and C# Razor code.
Multiple sites are easy. No login hassles. Make them separate or share content & layouts.
Everything is online — layouts, online code editor, CSS, JS files, etc.
No plug-in headaches, no worries about endless updates and compatibility.

The front-end tools we provide for customizing site content give you direct editing control of the XML that our data engine uses to manipulate the system’s database tables.  A unique set of Razor Helpers provides everything you need to drive the dynamic content of your sites.

With all services hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, our SAAS provides you with a lightning fast, web based code editor and a Web Console to easily manage the users, content, and pages of your site - or 100 sites.  We provide your clients with peace of mind that their web presence is supported on redundant servers, backed up several times per day, and always ready to go from 4 page hits today to 4 million tomorrow with no 404s, 503s, or invitations to ‘come back later’.

Why Developers Will Love Their Clients (More)

They won’t call as much (absence makes the heart grow fonder).
They will be happier and more productive with all the great tools they have.
They will smile more…because they have the beautiful web site they always wanted.

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