For Faith-based Organizations

Don’t Just Tend the Flock…build it!

Nowadays there is plenty to compete for everyone’s attention. You need to leverage digital tools to reach out to your community if you want to grow and maintain your membership. Your website is the public face of your church, but it is also the doorway. You don’t want visitors. You want members.

But if you are like most faith-based organizations, time and money are not plentiful. You need a website tool that is both cost-effective and feature-rich. We won’t say Brick River is the answer to your prayers…oops, I guess we just did. What we can say is that many faith-based organizations use Brick River, and there is a reason for that.

What you can do with Brick River

  • Build beautiful, custom websites…any design you want.
  • Easily create and manage content with a flexible drag and drop interface…no coding skills needed.
  • Email tool to communicate with your members via newsletters, special announcements, etc.
  • Manage events with calendar and a registration system, with simple form-builder.
  • Take donations through your site (with no additional transaction fees).
  • Manage multiple sites for sub regions, camps, ministries, churches from one place; push any type of content to one or many sites.
Digital tools are critical to your ability to build a growing and thriving community. But they should not use up undue amounts of your precious time and limited budget. With Brick River, you get all the tools you need, in one convenient package, at an affordable price.

I’ve been a professional communicator for more than a decade and managed numerous websites during that time. I didn’t know how fantastic the experience could be until working with Brick River. Their expertise and customer service are phenomenal. The Brick River staff care a great deal about making sure clients are happy, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with them. I love Brick River and can’t recommend this company strongly enough.

Christa Meland, Director of Communications
The Minnesota Conference of The UMC

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