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Do you know where your donors are? Stay connected, stay integrated, stay funded!

If you run a Non-profit, you probably spend a significant amount of time fundraising. You might even have a “CRM” tool that helps you implement email-based fundraising campaigns and track donors/members. Or perhaps you just have your email and an excel sheet. But whatever you have, chances are its not integrated with your website. If so, your donor/visitor experience on your site and your donor communications are not coordinated. Are you squandering opportunities?

Break Down the Silos With Brick River

  • Manage your web content, contacts/members/donors, email communications, and fundraising all in one place. No logging it to multiple sites and/or tools.
  • Create and manage content with a flexible drag and drop interface…no coding, no unexpected expenses for hiring coders
  • Create and execute one or many fundraising campaigns: compose/send emails, track response, take donations – from a single control panel
  • Analytics and performance tools to keep track of your progress
You need to be lean, efficient, and effective. And you need to manage a community, not a technology platform. Brick River is an efficient and cost-effective community management and communications platform used by many non-profit organizations.

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