The UMC Lineup

The Appointment-making tool - $3,000 per conference

Currently, 8 conferences are using this tool in its first year. Get yours now for next year.

Agency bulk-license? All confs in the USA for $75K

FormVites - for the charge conference forms process - $3,000 per conference

18 conferences are using this tool. It saves conferences, districts, and churches a ton of time filling out and managing all those charge conference forms.

Agency bulk-license? All confs in the USA for $50K

District sites - $5K to $7K a project and then $50/mo/district

6 conferences have district sites and we've made updates recently that make managing sub-sites even easier and faster.

Of course, there's the Brick River package itself

We have 28 conferences as customers - running websites, doing all kinds of event registrations, sending emails, managing contacts, and more. Here are some examples

Camp sites - $5K to $10K project price and then $50/mo camp site

6 conferences have done camp sites with us. There are separate sites for each camp location.

Examples:, Camp Minnesota

Local church sites - $49/mo and a $99 setup fee

Currently 9 local churches are using our new local church package and we're talking to about 50 more. With this package a church can have a site up and running in minutes.

Conference or agency bulk-buys are available starting at $500/mo.
Check out all the church sites in the USA. Less than 30% have site. Yikes!

Example: First Windsor UCC, Open Doors UMC

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