Post 2018 User Meeting

What a great user meeting this year in Boston! There were suggestions. Many we are working on now. The big huge ones, though, we offer up as group-buys.

A group-buy is where several organizations say that they want a new thing and we come up with a project price and it is split by the participating organizations.

Read on and let us know if you're interested in the form at the bottom :-)

Appointment tool: Run-tracking and increase the load-speed (applies to UMC customers only)

Run tracking

  • A FAST interface that lets the cabinet create a run - quickly moving people into positions.
  • Save these as separate run scenarios.
  • See and print all the run scenarios.
  • Be able to take a run and then move that into the actual appointment-making 
  • We are thinking some color-coding - possibly by status. For example: full elders: purple, churches: red, etc

We'll work with some conference staff that are currently using the appointment tool as stakeholders on the UMC Conference side.

Speed up the appointment tool in general

This will actually take "some doing" but folks want it to be faster on load.

Both of these will take about 3 weeks of time. That's going to be $14,000. REMEMBER THIS IS THE TOTAL COST. WE WILL SPLIT THE COST AMONG ALL THE PARTICIPANTS :-)



Required fields able to be blank when in FormVites BUT must be completed before they can officially submit
This has been funded and is green-lighted!

What folks are looking for is that when someone is completing a form in a FormVite that the required fields are allowed to be blank. BUT the FormVites screen will show if forms still have required fields that need filling out and not allow them to officially submit their FormVites if these fields are not complete.

This will take about a week. That's $5,000



Add electronic signature field to the reg system. This has been funded and is green-lighted!

People want a way to have people electronically sign forms. We could add this as a question type.

This would take about a week and cost $5,000