MmMm... Multisite

Jane Horstman, Database Manager, Mississippi Conference of The UMC

Inefficiency is multitasker Jane’s pet peeve. Our multisite software was a sweet solution.

Jane's districts were all over the place

A couple had sites. Most didn't. Worse: no one was on-brand. Turnover became a tech nightmare for them AND HER.

On brand

She turned to Brick River's multisite solution and built one core layout and design. Big money saver. Now every site is on-brand but each district can add their own dash of design flavor.

Changes needed?

They can be made in one place and all the sites change. 

Post content without duplication

The districts post their own content, but Jane posts "top-down content" news and events on all their sites.

Turnover schmurnover

Districts help each other too. And if there is turnover, they bring the newbies up on one standard system. Her people are working smarter and faster and not panicking about new technology.

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