CMS Pastoral Oversight for a Church

UMC: From Mississippi Last updated on 11/19/2021
When there is contention around an appointment (or ending of an appointment) at a church and the CMS has to step in as the pastoral oversight, you may need to do the following (at the CMSs direction):

  1. Copy the mailing address into the "Add any address changes or corrections here" field or to the Internal Notes field.
  2. Remove the mailing address from the "Mailing Address 1 & 2" fields.
  3. Add "Pastoral oversight by the XX District Superintendent. Contact the XXX District at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or" in the "Description" field. For appearances, you may want to add a Horizontal Line above the statement and below.
APPOINTMENT RECORD (Episcopal Office):
  1. When adding the appointment:
  • Change the "Is this an interim appointment" to "Yes"
  • Change the "Hide on website" button to "Invisible"
  • Close the CMS appointment (Episcopal Office).
  • Be sure to re-add the mailing address to the mailing address fields.
  • Remove the "Pastoral oversight..." information from the "Description" field
Watch how-to video here: