Process of Documentation in Brick River

UMC: From Mississippi Last updated on 11/19/2021
As an ongoing process of documentation, see table below for adding the following reports and forms to a person's or church's record. This list is not exhaustive. Do NOT add confidential documents.
 BAC Form (Approved)  Episcopal Office  Notes/Interactions (People &/or Church)
 Death Notice  District Office   Notes/Interactions (Clergy & Spouse)
 Assessments (People/Church)  Faith Community Formation  Notes/Interactions (People or Church)
 Certificates of Completion:    
    > CEUs  Center for Ministry Trainings & CEU Section
    > Trainings  Hosting Office or C4M Trainings & CEU Section
    > Course of Study  Spiritual Leadership Trainings & CEU Section
    > Lay Ministry  Spiritual Leadership Trainings & CEU Section
    > Coaching  Faith Community Formation Trainings & CEU Section

See How to Add Trainings, CEUs, etc. to Brick River here.