How to do Basic Editing of a district page on the conference website

UMC: From Mississippi Last updated on 11/19/2021
Step 1: Go to your top blue navigation bar
Step 2: Find "site" in the middle of the navigation bar
Step 3: Click on "conference site" in the drop down menu
Step 4: On the sitemap, go to "about" and click the plus sign next to it to expand the drop down menu, then expand "Our Districts"
Step 5: Click on your district. It's important to not you can only edit your district 
Step 6: Click "edit." DO NOT click on any of the other options--always "edit"
Step 7: Here you can make basic changes as if you were in Microsoft Word, for example, change the names of district superintendents, district secretaries, office hours, district address, number of churches, contact information and the like
Step 8: Always click on "save" and then "publish" in the top, right corner of the screen. Otherwise, it will be like the changes you made never happened.