Building Your Recipient List in the Emailer

Email Last updated on 9/5/2021

Creating Recipient List

Once you have finished composing your email, you have to add the list of recipients before sending it. There are different ways to add them. You can either enter the list of recipients manually or import them from previously created lists. Or, you can also upload a CSV file.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a recipient list in the emailer.

Step 1 - Creating recipients By hand

  1. Login to the Brick river system and click Email. In the email center window, click Create a new email
  2. Click Add Recipients->By hand to enter the email address of the recipients. 

Step 2 - Creating recipients from Subscribers

Click Add Recipients -> Subscribers to choose your recipients from a subscription list. 

Step 3 - Creating recipients by uploading CSV file

Click Upload a CSV to import contacts from an excel sheet. Choose the required file and click Submit CSV list as shown below.

Step 4 - Creating recipients by contacts

  1. Click Add Recipients -> Contacts to choose your recipients from the different types of contacts . A new window which has the details of the all the people included in the list is displayed.
  2. Click Email to use these contacts as email recipients.
  3. Click Add to this draft to add the recipients. If you want to add them to a new email, click Create a new email. In this article, we will add them to our draft email.
  4. Click View them on the top left corner to see the list of contacts who will receive this email. 
  5. Click Remove all recipients if you want to remove them from the list. 
  6. Click Send to the send the email.