Communicating with Previous Registrants

Event Registration and Forms Last updated on 8/26/2021

Once your form has been launched, you can immediately start receiving registrations/donations. To review activity for a specific event/form, click on the form title from the Registration Forms page. Here you will see a summary of registrant numbers, registrations sold and the amount of money collected. You can also contact your registrants listed on your registration page in two ways.

Step 1 - Contact your registrants via email

You can contact all users listed on your registrations page via email. 

  1. On the top menu, click Reg->Forms. Select the required form. The list of registrants is displayed. You can filter contact lists via form questions (i.e. only those who chose “vegetarian” for their meal choice), contact properties (i.e. only those traveling from the midwest) or the entire group as a whole.  " 
  2. Select the registrant and click Email. The email window is shown. 
  3. In the To section, select organizersregistrants, or both. In a group registration, the "organizer" is the contact. For example, maybe John Doe registers his family "Mary Doe," "Mikey Doe" and "Wanda Doe." Well, in this case, John is the "organizer" and his family members are the "registrants. In a single registration, the organizer and the registrants are one and the same. 
  4. Enter the Subject of the email.
  5. Select the option Include a link to their confirmation screen or Include a link to their invoice screen or both.
  6. Enter the Body of the message and click Send.

Step 2 - Contact your registrants individually

Each registrant listed will have three communication options next to their name. Click on any one of the buttons:

  1. Confirmation: Allows you (admin) to view the registrant's confirmation screen.
  2. Invoice: Allows you to view the registrant's invoice.
  3. Message: Allows you to view any emails that have been sent to the registrant.