Customizing Your Website's Properties

Content Management and Websites Last updated on 9/7/2021

Customize Page Properties 

The Properties Tab provides links to manage a few basic page properties.

  1. Title: Enter the Title for the page. This will be used to identify the page in the sitemap and can be rendered easily by including the title variable to the layout linked to the page.
  2. Friendly URL: Enter the friendly URL to be used in site navigation. This value will auto-generate when creating the page title - and afterward can be edited manually. Note: Avoiding the use of spaces and invalid characters.
  3. Redirect To: Add a URL redirect if desired.
  4. Sort Order: Add numeric values to adjust the sort order of pages. If this field is blank, all children pages will sort beneath the parent alphabetically by the page title. Add numbers here for pages to sort from low to high. It's best to choose a numbering scheme that allows for new pages to be added easily in the future. For example, if ordering five pages, use the sort order - 10,20,30,40,50 rather than 1,2,3,4,5.
  5. Hide from menus: Hide the page from the sitemap window if desired. The page can still be viewed by those with sufficient permission by directly entering a URL to the page.
  6. Hide in sitemap: Click to prevent the page from being included in the sitemap.xml provided to search engines, if desired.
  7. Open in a new window: Check to cause the page to open in new tab or window if desired.
  8. Description: Enter a page description, if desired.
  9. Keywords: Add keywords to use in site search features, if desired.