How Events and the Calendar Functions Work

Content Management and Websites Last updated on 9/8/2021

Understanding Events and Calendar Functions

The calendar category tags in Brick River allow users to filter the site calendar to only display one category of events.  Events with no tags will display when the calendar is set to display all events. Brick River uses categories to populate field drop-down menus and field tags.

The calendar category provides calendar tags to control events displayed for the users. For example, if you create an event called 'Kids Birthday Party' and apply the calendar Tag "Kids", that event will be displayed when users filter the calendar to view only "Kids" events. You can customize calendar tags according to the types of events.

Create a Calendar Category

  1. On the Admin menu, click Categories. A list of system categories is displayed.
  2. From the Categories list, click Calendars.  A list of Calendar categories is displayed.
  3. Click Add New to add a new calendar type. 
  4. Enter a Label for the Calendar. If desired choose a Color and Sort By entry.  By default, categories appear to users alphabetically using the label field. Add Sort By entries to all categories to apply for a different sort order. Abbreviations are not used for calendar categories.
  5. Click Edit to Change the Label or other attributes of existing categories - or to deactivate (hide) or delete existing categories.
  6. Click Save to save the changes.