Registration Reports

Event Registration and Forms Last updated on 9/9/2021

Using Registration Reports

The event registration system allows you to view real-time reports on attendance, donations, registrations, etc. You can review form-specific reports and cross-form reports that pertain to all your forms.

In this tutorial, we are going to understand each type of report in detail.

Form-Specific Reports

As the name suggests, these reports are specific to each form. 

1. Click on Reg->Forms.

  1. Select a form and click Reports on the top menu to display the list of reports. 
  2. Items Summary: If you are selling things, this report shows you the amount collected and sold per item.    
  3. Details: If you are selling things, this shows you all the registrants that ordered the particular things.    
  4. Donations: Shows you a list of people who have made donations, if applicable.    
  5. Lodging Summary: Shows you the breakdown of the rooms and room parts sold.  
  6. Lodging Details: Shows you the names of the registrants per lodging.    
  7. Payments Type totals: Shows you the totals by type: Check, Cash, PayPal, etc.    

Cross-form reports 

  1. These reports are accessed from the main Reg page on the top menu.
  2. All payments by date and type: Shows all the payments for all the forms sorted by date descending.    
  3. Stripe Payouts: Payments done through stripe.