BRT Helpers

Last Updated 2/27/2015
BRT Helpers are used to help you pull content from Content or Contacts into a web page or layout.
Check out the documentation on the helpers to see how to use them.


Use the BreadCrumb helper to add a breadcrumb to your pages.

Calendar Helpers

The Calendar helper displays a calendar of events and the CalendarDetail helper displays the event details
  • Calendar
  • CalendarDetail

Category Helpers

Get a list of category items or a select list of a category
  • CategoryList
  • CategorySelect

Data Helpers

The data helpers help pull record lists or details from content or contacts
  • Lister
  • Index
  • Detail
  • Pager
  • Repeat


Link to Data Forms


Create a custom error page and message


List files in any directory or the files area

Login Helpers

With the login helpers you can create a custom portal
  • Login
  • LoginAs
  • Logout
  • LoginForm
  • UserRecord
  • UserDetail
  • IsLoggedIn
  • UserMatches
  • LoginHelp


Display any files directory of images on the website


Display the unencoded HTML of a field


Generates a menu based on the location of the page


These are not BRT Helpers but are available to use in your pages
  • Summarize
  • Href
  • HasField
  • Page Request Properties


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