BRT System Overview

Last Updated 2/2/2016
The BRT Cloud Communications Platform provides a powerful set of tools for web developers to create the web's most beautiful and useful sites. Based on Microsoft .NET technology and deployed in the Azure cloud, it is the ideal toolkit for developers who are familiar with C#, Razor, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  It provides a best in class Content Management System, Email Blaster, Registration System, and Online Code Editor that will surpass the expectations of developers and content managers alike.

The BRT Web Console is the Grand Central Station for developer and site content creators.  Flexible tools allow you to define any kind of content and create views customized to meet end users exact needs. 

Tables and Views. The developer can tune the presentation of content in the Web Console to meet any client's needs.  This week a you need a data structures and views to track the size, purchase price, breed and gender of draft horses, next week it's name, department, and handicap of participants in a summer golf league.  Create the views you need to manage any content.

Email Blaster.  Create stunning email templates and forms.  Use the Web Console to analyze each recipient click, open and forward.

Registration System.  The BRT system is optimized for clients who need robust registration tools for workshops and conferences.

Pages and Layouts.  Organize your code into Layout and Page elements that eliminate the need to repeat lines of code anywhere on your site.

BRT Helpers. A set of easy to learn and easy to use Razor Helpers are your primary tools for coding and styling the data driven elements of your website.


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