BRT Tables and Views

Last Updated 2/1/2016
The BRT system stores content in two base tables, Contacts and Content.  Contacts are any people, places or things that the site needs to track - employees, customers, conference rooms, vehicles, musical instruments, planets, pets, etc. Content is any idea or article or story that is presented to your audience - news features, blog posts, recipes, project plans, songs, manifestos, etc,

Although the record for the 'Second Floor Conference Room' and the 'Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees' will both be stored in the same base table, the information stored for each will vary greatly.  The Web Console provides tools for you to create a contact type of 'Trustee' where you define fields such as Title, Board Role, Term Begins, and Term Ends.  A contact of the type 'Conference Room' will have fields such as Location, Capacity, and Reservation Rules.

In the Web Console you can create any number of custom views to present the content of the base tables.  If your site includes News Articles, Events, and Blog Posts each can be presented in it's own View - or a single view can display all three.


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