Last Updated 3/5/2015
Create an apportionment calculator. Add the fund data, create the apportionment records, create a calculator layout and add the calculator to the site.

Step 1 - Add Fund Data

Add the fund data to Content > Apportionment Funds. You can add child funds to any of the funds.  If you do it will show an additional chart with the details of the fund.

Step 2 - Create Apportionment Data

Create a CSV with the following columns (capitalization and spelling are important!):

  • Title
  • ApportionedAmount
  • ApportionmentYear

You will create an import for the ApportionmentRecords and import the CSV.

Step 3 - Create Customized Layout

This is the parent layout for the calculator.  Bundled layouts must be inherited by a local layout.  Use this layout to customize your page by adding content to the calculatorheader section. Select Apportionment Calculator as the layout for the customized layout

View layout example

Step 4 - Page Set-up

Create a page and add the Apportionment Calculator layout to page - that's it!


By default, the calculator will show the current calendar year's data.  If you would like to display a different year, then you need to add the year to the end of the url.

I have my calculator page at and I want to show data for 2015. The url to display the 2015 data is

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