Calendar Helpers

Last Updated 2/27/2015
The Calendar helper displays a calendar(s) of events and the CalendarDetail helper displays the event details

Drop @BRT.Calendar into your page and it generates an events calendar.

You must also include @RenderSection("head") in header of the layout that serves the page.

A calendar detail page must also be created and the @BRT.CalendarDetail helper added to the page. See below for details on creating a calendar detail page.

View @BRT.Calendar Example

Calendar Features

  • Creates basic HTML so you can stylize it with CSS
  • Shows events in month, week, day and list views
  • Add categories for your events and they will list above the calendar and users can check to see events they want
  • Creates corresponding detail pages

Required Parameters

DetailPage (String) - This is the friendly name of the page containing the @BRT.CalendarDetail helper.

Optional Parameters

Calendars (Comma separated list) - You can specify the calendars you want displayed when the calendar is viewed. The value entered is a list of calendar ids separated by commas.

Default Code


Optional Code

@BRT.Calendar(DetailPage:"eventdetail", Calendars:"1,13,15")

Calendar Detail

The calendar detail should be created as a child page of the calendar. If you do not add a calendar detail page the links off of your calendar will produce an error. If you are using the @BRT.SiteMenu helper, you should mark the calendar detail page as invisible in the page's properties.

The friendly name of the calendar detail page must be the same as the name specified in the @BRT.Calendar helper.

Required Parameters

returnPage (string) - the friendly name of the page containing the @BRT.Calendar helper.

Optional Parameters


Default Code


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