Categories - Getting Started

Last Updated 3/15/2016
Drop downs in views are categories. Learn how to create a category and populate it with data.

Categories populate the drop downs in views. Adding and Editing Categories is done through the Admin menu and only administrators can add and edit categories.  

A category item contains:

  • Label (required) - the label is usually used as the display value in view drop downs
  • Abbreviation - can also be used as an identifier or value
  • Sort By - add a value to sort the display 
  • Color - select a color to highlight or color code category items

Controls (buttons/menus)

  • Save
  • Add new
  • Edit (in-line)

Need to Know

  • Category items without an edit button are part of a bundle and can only be edited by the bundle owner
  • Categories can be nested with parent categories
  • Only administrators can add and edit categories
  • By default category items are ordered using the Label 

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