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Last Updated 3/6/2015
Creating, editing, testing and previewing an email
The Brick River email blaster makes it easy to create, preview and test your emails. Follow these steps for creating your first email.

Creating an Email Draft

Email Blasts can be created 2 different ways.

Creating an Email from Contacts
In any Contact view, search for the contacts you're sending your email to. 1 Once you have filtered the list, 2 click the Email button. 

On the next screen, 3 click the Create a new email button.  This will create a new email with filtered list of contacts.

Creating an Email from the Email Area
From the Email area, 4 click the Create a new email button. This will create a new email without recipients.

Adding Recipients

You can add recipients through subscription lists, filtering contacts, uploading addresses, and by hand entering.

5 Send Options - You may have more than one contact with the same email address. By default we only send one email to each address, but sometimes you want to send multiple emails to the same address. 

6 From a List 
  • Subscribers - select a subscription list. Only subscription lists the user has permission to send to will be available to select
  • Contacts - when you click on one of the contact views you will be brought to the view to filter for the recipients.  Follow the instructions in step 2 above; then in step 3 select the email draft from the list of drafts to return to the email.
  • Upload a CSV - follow the instructions creating the CSV on the screen, then select the CSV and upload the emails.

7 By Hand - You can hand enter email addresses. Click on the By hand button, fill in the email addresses you want to send to (separated by a comma) and then click Close.  You can check the Copy Me box to send an email to yourself too.


Composing an Email

A Select Template - Select a template for the email. Only templates the user has permissions to access are available. You can change the template at any time, however if you select a template with more or less editable areas data loss is possible.

B Email Subject - Enter a subject line for the email. Be smart about your subject line; avoid words commonly used in SPAM emails to improve your deliverability

C From Name - Name of the person or company sending the email. If your user profile has the company name filled in it will be pre-filled with the company name

D From Email - Email address (must be a valid email address not a name). This will be pre-filled from the user profile 

E Reply To - A valid email address recipients can reply to. This is pre-filled from the user profile

F Email Body - Body of the email message. You will see a dotted line around each of the editable content areas for the template chosen.

Preview, Test, Save and Send

G Preview - Preview the email as it would appear outside of the WYSIWYG editor

H Test - Send a test email. Click on the Test button and enter the email addresses (separated by a comma)  to send the test email to.  Be sure to send to a few different email clients. The email will be sent immediately after clicking the Send Test button.

I Save - Save the email as a draft and exit the editor. All your content and contacts are saved. It is a good idea to save and exit the compose screen if you plan to be away from your computer. When you are ready to start editing or send the email select the email from Drafts in the Email area. Every few seconds you will see the Save button glow; the email draft is auto saving.

J Send - You've composed, added contacts and now tested - time to send.  Click the Send button to send the email.


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