Creating & Inviting Users

Last Updated 2/13/2015
Create users, give them access to the system and invite them to Brick River

Creating a New User

  • From the Admin menu go to Users and then select the Add New button
  • Fill in the new users information (First Name, Last Name, etc.)
  • You can give assign a Username and Password for the new user or allow them to create there own when they get the Brick River invitation and log-in for the first time
  • Make sure you select the Active check box or the user will not be able to access the system
  • Add the new user to any Groups you may have created
  • Set any additional permissions the user will need
  • Save the user by clicking the Save button at the top

Need to Know

  • Make sure the user has the Active check box checked and the user has a valid Email before sending an invitation
  • An invitation has an encrypted link that allows the user to create a username and password
  • The invitation will expire in 24 hours. If the user does not log-in within 24 hours the invitation will have to be resent. 

Send Invitations

Once you've created a user you can send them an email invitation to Brick River. Click the Send Invitation button at the top to send the email invitation.

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