Creating & Managing Groups

Last Updated 2/13/2015
Create groups to make managing permissions easier
Groups allow the permissions to be granted to multiple users by setting the permissions once and then adding members to the group.  Use groups when you have a number of users with similar access needs. Only administrators can create and manage groups.

Creating a New Group

  • From the Admin menu go to Groups and then select the Add New button
  • Give the Group an Name
  • Check the Active box.  You can un-check the box at a later date if you want to stop the access granted through this group.
  • The Members drop down is a list of all active users. Select the users from the drop down
  • Select the permissions for the group

Need to Know

  • Users can be added to groups through Admin > Groups and selecting the users in the Member field OR by adding the group from the users record in Admin > Users
  • No need to give permission to a user you already gave them access through a group.  Make your life easy and assign the user to groups first and then add an additional permissions to the user's record

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