Data Forms - Getting Started

Last Updated 2/25/2015
Data forms allow adding and editing of content and contact records through your website

Access Data Forms

From the Admin menu go to Data Forms and then select Add New button

Creating a New Data Form

1 Give the Data Form a Title.  The Title will appear at the top of the data form online

2 Select the View you will be using to create or edit the record. Make sure you create a view that is appropriate for online

3 Select a Branded Template to use for the form.  If you do not select a Branded Template the data form will use the default template

4 If you want an email sent each time a data form is submitted enter a valid email address in Email for Notification. You can send to multiple email
addresses by separating emails with a comma

5 After a data form is submitted the user will be directed to confirmation page.  You can add HTML to Confirmation Text to be displayed on the confirmation page. If you add a link back to your site, be sure to add the entire URL

6 For information such as instructions you can add a Header to the form to be places above the form on the page

7 Information can also be added before the submit button at the bottom of the page by adding content to the Footer field

8 We recommend you Add a Captcha to your form. Captcha helps eliminate web bots from filling in bogus information

9 Leave the Inactive box empty. Later if you no longer want to allow access to the data form check the Inactive box

10 Select a user with permission to add data to the view you are using in the RunAs box.  hint: You may want to select the Guest account or other account you run the website under

11 Click Save

Need to Know

  • If you don't set a user without the necessary permissions or no user in the RunAs field you will get a 404 Error when you try to view the page on the web
  • Only Admins can create and manage data forms 

Linking to the Form

After saving the data form you will see information on linking to the data form at the bottom of the page.

Instructions include:
  • Adding a link to the form to add a record
  • How to access the Id of the record after submitting a new record
Refer to the Data Link Helper for additional information on adding and editing record through the web using data forms

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