Data Link Helper

Last Updated 10/12/2015
Add a link to a data form

Drop @BRT.DataLink() into your page and it generates an encrypted link to a data form.

Required parameter

  • formId - (integer) the id of the data form

Optional parameters

  • recordId - (integer) the id of the record you want to edit
  • defaultValues - (string) default values for form fields. Uses the view field ids

Default Code



You can also optionally pass a recordId parameter for editing records. Caution: you should only allow editing of records in password protected areas.

@BRT.DataLink(formId:##, recordId:##)


Set default values for the form. The view used for the view should have Invisible="true" set on fields using default values.


This example sets the default Name to Brick River and the Mail City to Exeter

@BRT.DataLink(formId:##, defaultValues:name=Brick River&mailcity=Exeter)

Need to print out or view the record after completing the form?

Create a detail page on your website and add a link to it in the confirmation text using [[ConfirmId]] in the URL to point to the just added or edited record.


<div><a href="[[ConfirmId]]" target="_blank">Print this record</a></div>

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