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Last Updated 3/11/2015
Design the Email Archive Site, create archives and add emails to the archives
Publishing emails is super easy using the email site. There are 3 simple steps to setup the email site and then you can start publishing emails with the push of a button. To set up the email site we are going to:
  • Set up the archive
  • Add archive areas
  • Set up the email site template

Set up the Archive

From the email area click on the Email Site drop down and then Archive

On the Email Newsletter Archive page update the following

1 Add a name for archive site

2 In the Return URL box add a link back to your website

3 The URL display text is the text displayed for the link back to your site

Click save to save the changes tot he archive

Add Archive Areas

From the Email Newsletter Archive page click on the Edit archive areas drop down and the select Add area

Fill in the New Area form

1 Give the area a name

2 Add a description to display on the archive page

3 Make sure the archive is active.  You can make the archive Not Active so it doesn't display on the archive site

4 Save the archive area

If you need to come back and edit the archive area name, description or make it active/inactive just select the archive area instead of Add area from the Email Newsletter Archive page

Email Site Template

From the Email area select Site design from the Email Site dropdown

From the Email Site Designs you have 2 options.

A If you do not currently have an email site template you can create a new email site template.  If you already have a email site template you will have the option of editing it. If you are creating a new one or editing it, follow the instructions for Branded Templates.

B If you have a branded template you created in the Reg System you want to use as the email site template or you just want to start with one you already have then you can copy it as the email site template.

Import a Design
From the Import Template page select the branded template you want to use as the base of your email site

You will be brought to then branded template editor. 

1 Give the template a name

2 Click Create Copy to save the template as the email site template. A prompt will be displayed asking if you are sure you want to save the template as the email site template, click yes. You can have only one email site template at any time.

You can continue to make edits to the template. When you are done click Save and Refresh and return to the Email area

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