Emailer - Getting Started

Last Updated 2/17/2015
An overview of creating and managing emails

Here's a map of the Email area

1 Create a New Email

This one’s pretty obvious.

2 Your Drafts

In the "Your Drafts" area, you will see all the emails that you have created and not yet been sent. You can delete drafts by clicking on the "Trash" icon.

3 Sent

Under the "Sent" area, you will see emails that have been sent from the system:

My Emails

View all emails that were sent out by you.

Test Emails

These are test emails that you've sent to review your email communications prior to sending.

Need to Know

Permissions must be given to users sending email through Brick River. Be sure users have permission to email, email templates and subscription lists they will need too.

4 Admin Only

System Emails

These are system emails that are registration system emails or user invite emails. 

All Emails

All emails sent through Brick River


Your library of email communication design templates are stored here. You can view your own templates by clicking "My templates" or see the pre-created system templates by clicking "Template Gallery". You can also go here to create a new email template by clicking the "Add one from scratch" button. 


View overall email analytics certain periods of time (week, month, 12 weeks or year) for things like recipients, delivery, opens, clicks, etc. You can also view a ranked list of your sent emails based on opens and clicks. Use this area to analyze which emails did best by reviewing character length, images, clicks, day and time of the week. This will help you plan your email schedules and campaigns based on performance. 

Email Site

Build branded pages for subscription sign up pages, newsletter archive and more. You can also add email communications to your archive areas here. 


Shows all email addresses that have bounced, unsubscribed or have marked your email as spam. You can also "resubscribe" users who have mistakenly unsubscribed. 


Visit here to view your subscription lists and sign up activity. You can also add new lists in this area. 

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