Manage Site Pages

Last Updated 2/24/2015
How to add, edit and navigate pages in a website.
In this area, you can find information and instructions on the following items:
  • Navigating between pages 
  • Toggling between HTML and CKEditor editing
  • Adding a new page to your website
  • Deleting a page
  • Un-Deleting a page
  • Moving a page
  • Changing the title of an existing page
  • Saving pages as drafts
  • Publishing a page

Accessing Site Pages

Click the "Site" link from the main navigation and choose which website you would like to edit. 

Need to Know

  • Only Users and users in groups that have permission to manage websites can access Manage Pages
  • Make sure your layouts have sites assigned to them or they won't be accessible in the Pages manager.

Navigating the Sitemap

To move from one page to another within a website while in the edit mode, you can either
1 Click the "Sitemap" button and click on the desired page, clicking on the "+" on the left of a page title to open up the child pages OR

2 Use the search box to find a particular page. Enter the title or key words that would be included and particular to that page. 
From the list of search results, click on the page you wish to access. OR

3 Use the navigation in the preview pane of your edit window

Add a Page

  • From the editor click the "Sitemap" button to display your websites page titles and hierarchy.
  • Navigate the sitemap, clicking on the "+" on the left of a page title to open up the child pages. When you find the title of the page that will the "parent" page and click "+" on the right of the title (when you hover it will say new page) to add a page. 
  • Name the page by filling out the “Page title” text box. The '"Friendly URL" box will automatically populate. 
  • Click "Create". Your new page is created using the default layout for the site. 
  • A To choose a different page layout, from the "Layout" pull down menu at the top right (i.e. homepage design, inner design, secondary page, etc.)
  • Your B display window will now be populated with the design elements of the chosen layout. You can enter copy in the open field text boxes using the C CKEditor bar or choose the D source page to input HTML.
  • When finished, click E “Save” to save as a draft OR F “Publish” to save and publish this information to the web.

Editing a Page

To edit a webpage, the user has the option of editing the source code or editing in a WYSIWYG editing screen. To code pages using HMTL, click on the "Source" tab. To use the CKEditor (or WYSIWYG), click on the "Design" tab. You can toggle back and forth between screens. You must click "Save" or "Publish" to keep your work. 

Deleting a page

  • From the Site link, choose the website you'd like to edit. 
  • From the Sitemap link, click on the title of the page you'd like to delete. 
  • Your page will then be in the viewing window, click your mouse onto that portion of the screen. 
  • Click the Trash icon located at the top right of the page and click "OK" to confirm deletion. 
  • All gone, presto. 

Un-Deleting a page

  • Click the "Sitemap" button in the main navigation, then click the "Show Deleted" icon button. This will then display a list of existing (green check icon) pages and deleted (round blue "x" icon) pages.
  • To un-delete a specific page, click the title of the page from the Sitemap window.
  • That page will then populate the edit screen on the right. Click onto that page and click "Publish" which will make this page live on the site once again. 

Moving a page

  • In the Sitemap, locate the page you want to move. Click and drag the page to hover over the new parent page.
  • In the editor, open the page from the new location and click Publish. The page is not moved until you publish it.

Updating the Title

A From the page click on the "Properties" tab at the top left in blue. OR

B Click on the page title

Edit the page title in the "Title" box. You may want to edit the Friendly URL to match the new page title leaving out any spaces (example: a page titled "Who We Are" would have a Friendly URL of "whoweare").

Click the green "Publish" button at the top right. 

Saving Drafts Pages

Saving a page as a draft allows you to work on building a page without having to publish it live to the website. Simply click the "Save" button at the top right. You will know your page is not yet published by the 'pencil icon' next to the page title within the website's site map. 

Publishing a page

Publishing a page means that you are making it live and accessible to visitors of your website. To save and publish a page, click the "Publish" button at the top right. You will know your page is published by the 'green check mark icon' next to the page title within the website's site map. 

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