Publishing Data - Getting Started

Last Updated 2/16/2015
Content and Contacts can be published out in CSV, XLSX, XML, and JSON

Available Formats


Admins Only

Only Administrators have access to the published data functions.  A list of all published data and other advanced options are available through the Admin menu.

How to Publish Data

Step 1 - Pick the data to publish
  • Go to the content or contact view with the data you will be publishing.  From the Action menu select Pick fields.
  • Add the fields to publish in the left side.
  • Click Done, then review the data

Step 2 - Create a New Publish
  • From the Action menu select Publish Data
  • Enter a name for the published data
  • Click create
Step 3 - Share the Links
Share the link to the data to the application, tool, developer or 3rd party using the published data. Remember - if they have the link they can see all the data you published - so be smart about who you share the link with and what kind of data you publish.  The data in the data publish will always be the most current data, so you will not need to re-publish data when you update your records.

Managing Published Data
You can update the fields in your published data at any time by repeating the process above except in Step 2 select the Update button next to the published data you want to update.

To view and manage any published go to the Admin menu and select Published Data.  On the publish data screen you can view the links to the data, make the publish inactive (unavailable through the links).  


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