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Last Updated 3/16/2015
Pull reports on your registrations

In this area, you can find information on the following tasks:

  • View and filter registrants
  • What the colors mean
  • Contacting your registrants via email
  • Contacting your registrants individually
  • Deleting registrations
  • Downloading contacts
  • Taking payments and manually adding registrations

View and filter registrants

Once your form has been launched, you can immediately start receiving registrations/donations.To review activity for a specific event/form, click on the form title from the Registration Forms page. Here you will see a summary of registrant numbers, regstrations sold and how much money has been collected.

From the drop down menu, you can view the following: 

By question
You can filter registrants by question from the submission form. For example, you can search people by multiple choice questions, "for sale" type, yes/no questions, check box questions, donations, lodging questions, etc. You can NOT search by text field questions since those are open ended questions with different responses for each registrant. 

That owe you money
Gives you a list of people who still owe a payment. 

Fully paid 
Gives you a list of people who have paid in full. 

Registrations that appear in gray have been cancelled. You cannot reverse the status of a cancelled registration. 

The system will find registrations/registrants that have the same name and email. 

What the colors mean

  • Green means they paid or there was no cost
  • Yellow means they owe you money
  • Red means you still have a payment for a cancelled registration or an over-payment.

Note about handling over-payments: You need to issue a refund BOTH in the registration system AND go into PayPal and issue the refund there, too. 

Contacting your registrants via email

You can contact all users listed on your registrations page via email. You can filter contact lists via form questions (i.e. only those who chose “vegetarian” for their meal choice), contact properties (i.e. only those traveling from the midwest) or the entire group as a whole. In addition, you also have the choice of sending to "organizers," "registrants" or "both." In a group registration, the "organizer" is the contact. For example, maybe John Doe registers his family "Mary Doe," "Mikey Doe" and "Wanda Doe." Well, in this case, John is the "organizer" and his family members are the "registrants." In a single registration, the organizer and the registrant are one and the same. 

Contacting your registrants individually

Each registrant listed will have three communication options next to their name:

Confirmation: Allows the admin to view the registrant's confirmation screen
Invoice: Allows the admin to view the registrant's invoice
Message: Allows the admin to view any emails that have been sent to the registrant

Deleting registrations

To delete a contact from the list of registrations, access your form from the Reg Manager homescreen. From the list of registrants, choose the contact you'd like to delete by clicking on their name. Click the "delete registrant" link and click "yes" to confirm deletion.

Downloading contacts

You can download a .csv file of all registrants’ details, payment information, etc. by clicking the "Download" button.

Taking payments and manually adding registrations

If someone mailed you a paper registration, you can enter it into the system simply by clicking the "register people" link. Also, if you receive offline payment (either via mail, phone or "at the door," etc.) you can simply click on the person's registration and enter their payment.

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