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Last Updated 2/13/2015
Description of the report available for the Reg System

The event registration system allows you to view real-time reports on attendance, donations, registrations, etc. You can review form-specific reports and "cross-form" reports that pertain to all your forms. See below for a description of each area.

Form-specific reports

Money summary
If you are selling things, this report shows you the amount collected and sold per item.    

If you are selling things, this shows you all the registrants that ordered the particular things.    

Shows you a list of people who have made donations, if applicable.    

Lodging summary
Shows you the breakdown of the rooms and room parts sold.  

Lodging detail
Shows you the names of the registrants per lodging.    

Payment type totals
Shows you the totals by type: Check, Cash, PayPal, etc.    

Payment details
Shows you all the payments for the given form.  

Cross-form reports (these live off of the main Reg page)

Payment totals by form
Give you the amount collected by payment type for each form.    

All payments
Shows all the payments for all the forms sorted by date descending.    

Payment type totals
Shows you the total amount collected across all forms by payment type.    

All payments grouped by type
Is similar to all payments except they are grouped by payment type.

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