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Last Updated 3/5/2015
Site layouts are used to display pages with a consistent look and structure.

Accessing Site Layouts

Site layouts are under the Site menu. Only Admins can access Site layouts

Adding and Editing a New Layout

1 Name - give the layout a name

2 Websites - add the sites the layout will be used. If you have not created a site yet, you can add the site later. The layout is only available is sites specified.

3 Layout - layouts can have parent layouts. It is common for a site to have a root layout containing the site's basic page structure, style sheets, and scripts and then having every other layout for the site to use the root layout. If you have a bundled layout, you can create a layout and select the bundled layout to give sites access to use the bundled layout.

4 Save - after filling in the basics save your layout by clicking the Save button.

5 Publish - layouts need to be published to reflect any changes to the website.

6 Return - done? Click Return to go to the Site layouts page

7 Show versions - need to see the layout code from a specific point? Click show versions to see all saved copies of the layout. Clicking on one of the dates will load the code from that date/time.

Writing the Code

Our layouts and pages use C# language and the Razor syntax. 

Razor is a Microsoft programming syntax. Our system only uses the Razor syntax NOT the full Web Pages, MVC or Web Forms frameworks.

If you know Razor and C# then you're on your way. You can create any HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Razor you want. However, we do limit you to just a few core namespaces. 

Here are some Razor learning resources:


A RenderBody() must be in every layout. It's the default editable content area for your webpages.

Other Items for Your Layout

B RenderSection("sectionname")Need to have more than one editable content area in your layouts? Add RenderSection() for each editable area.

C RenderSection("head") - using our our calendar helper or think you might need other items in the <head> tag of your page? Be sure to put this RenderSection("head") into your <head></head> tag.

D Helpers - our helpers can be dropped into pages or layouts.

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