Using Mail Merge in the Emailer

Last Updated 2/17/2015
Personalize emails by using the mail merge fields available in the emailer for emails sent to contacts

The emailer has lightweight mail merging. What do we mean by lightweight? You can drop these fields in...

The ones in bold are the ones we like best because they are the safest to use because they degrade gracefully.

Mail Merge Fields

First Name -FirstName- The first name from the contact record
Last Name -LastName- The last name from the contact record
Preferred or First Name -PreferredFirstName-

If they have a preferred name it will use that, else it will fall back to using their first name. Some examples...

  • Preferred Name = Mike and First Name = Michael. Mike will be returned.
  • Preferred Name = blank and First Name = Robert. Robert will be returned
Hi P-or-F Name -HiFirstName-

This will put in Hi (then either their preferred name or their first name) and then a comma and a <br/>

So it would be like this...

  • Preferred Name = Joe and First Name = Joseph

Hi Joe,

Then here is the text of the email...

Last Name -LastName-

The last name of the contact record

Name -Name- The name in the contact record. Use this if sending to an organization type of contact - not a person type of contact.
Username -Username- The username from the contact record
Phone -Phone- The office phone (phone 1) from the contact record

1 Drop in Variables

Use the mail merge picker in the toolbar to select the fields.

select the merge field from the picker
select the merge field from the picker

Need to Know

Mail merge fields only work for emails sent to contacts and subscription lists. Emails uploaded or added by hand do not have values for the merge fields.

2 Run the Mail Merge Data Check

The last thing you want to do is look bad when you're trying to look good. That's why we put in a mail merge checker button. It checks to see if there are values for each mail merge field in the email.

use the mail merge checker

3 Fix Missing Data

If Mail Merge Data Check will identify any records with missing data for fields you are using in the mail merge.  If you have any missing data correct if before you send the email.

Gotchas and Watch-outs

Use mail merge when emailing subscription lists or contacts in the Brick River central database.

Think about using the -HiFirstName- variable since this is the safest. It will return blank if there is not a value or will return "Hi John," if there is a value.

Watch out/don't do mail merges when importing from a CSV file.
Those emails are NOT contact records in the central database.

Recipients that are added by hand won't get be mail merged.
That's why it's a great idea to use the -HiFirstName- field since this gracefully degrades.

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