Website Page Properties

Last Updated 3/6/2015
Update page information including the title, URL, redirects, and Sitemap sort order.

1 Title
Page title. If you use the @Title this is the value you get back unless using a Detail helper

2 Friendly URL
The page filename

3 Redirect To
To add redirects in your page add the friendly name of the page you want to redirect to. You can also add the full URL for off-site links

4 Sort Order
Pages are alpha-numeric ordered unless you add a sort order. 

5 Hide from Menus
The page will not be listed when using BRT.SiteMenu.  The page will still be accessible to anyone with a link to the page

6 Open in a New Window
When using BRT.SiteMenu the page will open in a different window when this box is checked.

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