Maintenance Plans

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Launch status: As of 9/27/23 at 2 am, we are 43% of the way there. If our soft-commits sign up we are 71%.

My letter

Sept 7th, 2023
Hey there beloved clients!

 Paul Schneider here...

We've been discussing ways to better serve you and one thing keeps coming up: maintenance work.

Over the past few years we've done lots of small ad hoc work for almost every one of you.

However, recently we've been out of bandwidth to handle the number of small work requests.


So we came up with a solution: Maintenance plans.

The concept is simple. If we get a minimum number of committed clients, we will likewise commit to hiring a full time developer if we cross a certain level of clients and then an account manager once we cross another threshold. These folks will be dedicated solely to your maintenance and customization needs.


If you've asked us for small tasks this year, this plan was designed for YOU.

Under these plans, next time you need some small work done, you will get quick responses from an account manager who knows the ins and outs of Brick River, and our dedicated developer will provide the dev time needed for quick turnarounds.


We have three plans.

  • The BASIC plan is 6 hours per quarter.
    • $350/mo or $3,999 if paid yearly.
  • The PREMIUM plan is 24 hours per quarter.
    • $1,399/mo or $15,999 if paid yearly.
  • And there is a CUSTOM plan if you need more time.


We can still do large projects, of course.

Like redesigns or other larger custom projects.


What we can maintain.

Updates to, creation of, or questions about your custom stuff...

  • Website
  • Custom reports
  • Custom views
  • Custom data syncs

How they work.

  • They are a one year commitment.
  • Hours are per calendar-year quarter. Unused hours do not rollover into following quarters.

Think about all the cool stuff you could do! Tiny improvements make a big difference in the long run!

Imagine, just imagine, if you knew you had someone working on your stuff every month. Bit by bit you'd be better, shinier.

Want to sign up?

Email me or register right here. We'll let you know if we reach the minimum and we can get going right after that!

Plan Details

When will the maintenance plan go into effect?

We will launch the maintenance plans only if we get the minimum number of clients in order to hire the staff.


How will my requests be submitted and processed?

On the third Thursday of every month a worn and wise man with a leather face and leather satchel will arrive at your doorstep riding a dusty donkey. Into his satchel you will place your work requests.

Um, no. We will have a web form into which you will place your requests. The developer will work on them in bulk at scheduled times.

What if I run over? Like I've got 2 hours per month but what if I run over by 15 minutes or an hour?

We are not fully booking the developer(s) because we expect there to be spillover. If there is spillover, we will simply charge you for the extra time. 

If you need more time or are spilling over too much, we will talk to you about whether you want to bump up your maintenance plan or some other arrangement needs to be made.


How long will these puppies go?

The plans will require a year commitment. This is so we can hire people full time.

Can we still do larger custom projects with you?

He*& to the yeah. These are obviously easier for us to schedule.


What happens if I don't sign up for a maintenance plan?

Post project, you need to sign up for a plan or we won't be able to work on small work requests or questions on your custom stuff.


What about software tech support?

Of course, we'll keep doing it. But tech support tickets are "how to" questions about our general SaaS product, not work your custom sites and stuff.