Managing Emails and Email Campaigns

Managing Emails and Email Campaigns

The Brick River Email Center is a powerful tool that can fit in to an organization's communication plan in a number of ways.

It is simple enough to use for small campaigns - which send a few messages to a handful of recipients - as well as huge campaigns which include large subscription lists, imports of addresses from external files, linked data forms and detailed analysis of the message's impact.

This Page presents several brief video tutorials to familiarize Users with various aspects of managing the Email module and launching Email campaigns.

Email Templates

Each time you send an email you have the opportunity to choose template which defines font styles and colors and may include graphics and external links in message headers and footers.  Templates may be designed by site developers as well as Users who have been granted permission to access the Email Center. 

Designing Email Templates is documented on the Email Templates page.

Managing the Email Module

  • The following video describes how to use the Email Center to:
  • Design a Subscription Form and Archive Page Forms
  • Move Emails to archives
  • Review and manage Bounces, Unsubs, and Spam reports.


Sent Email Details

The Sent Email Details page tracks activity on sent messages in virtual real time as recipients open and forward messages and click links included in the message.  The video below describes the information available in the Email Details window.


The email has been received by SendGrid and is in the process of delivering to your list of contacts. 

The email has been received by SendGrid and is in the process of delivering to your list of contacts. 

Unique Opens
The total number of people who have opened your email.

All Opens
The total number of times your email has been opened (includes duplicate opens by the same person)

The number of times a hyperlink within your email was clicked. To see a separate listing on which URLS were clicked, click on the number of "clicks" in the box. 

SendGrid’s inability to deliver mail to a specific server for reasons such as the server doesn’t recognize your IP and won’t accept mail, the deferred email took longer than 72 hours, the email address doesn’t exist, etc. 

The number of times the email has been forwarded from a recipient to another person.

Recipient clicked on message’s subscription management link.

Recipient marked your email message as spam. Clearly they have no idea what they’re missing. 

Recipient exists in one or more of your Suppression Lists: Bounces, Spam Reports, Unsubscribes.

Deferred (only seen from the email's "Activity" page)
It’s when a receiving server refuses a message, but with a specific explanation that tells our server it’s only a temporary refusal. They usually say things like “user is receiving mail at too great a rate right now, please try again later”, or “user’s mailbox is over quota”. SendGrid will continue to attempt to send messages for up to 72 hours until the message is delivered.

Processed (only seen from the email's "Activity" page)
The email has been received by SendGrid and is in the process of delivering to your list of contacts. 

Sent Email Statistics

In addition to viewing the details of individual Email Blasts - a Statistics Page displays performance statistics for all emails sent in given time periods.  The following video explains how to use this page to evaluate the performance of Emails in comparison to other Email Blasts in that time period.


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