Contact Management


Typical contact management systems treat your people like “contacts” and not like people. Brick River give you contact info and contact actions. One contact record shows how community members are engaging your emails, events and website. And this information rich contact database can be synched with any other business system.


CONTACT Management features

Get total traceability and accountability. There is a log of all the changes to your records. You can see who made the change, what was changed, and when it changed.
Pull a list or report of people and easily download as Excel, CSV, HTML, and other formats.
You can see all the opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, drops, forwards, and more – right in each individual contact. As well as all event activity and spending. So you can email everyone that ever ...
Keep your member data fresh and save time updating it, in one central place. Email blast a secure link to have your people or organizations update their contact information.
We believe that the only constant is change, and we're built to accommodate. Every organization usually needs at least some custom fields to make the database work for them. Define any type of content...
Content and contacts can be imported and exported easily to .csv files – whether it's a one time deal or a recurring data sync. Contacts can be added to multiple email subscription lists on any ...
Use the mass updater function to update tons of records in one click. Great for putting people on new email lists or mass-tagging a group of people.
We have a de-duper function that powerfully checks for duplicate records. It has a bulk feature which will make recommendations so you don't have to proof every single one, but it gives you the option...
Create a curated list and then press a button to make labels, name tags, and address labels. We create the Microsoft Word document that is ready to print. It's that easy. 
Build the list of people you want and select the fields you want in the report, then simply save that search and/or share it out with other members of your organization. 
Need to integrate with other systems like an Accounting, Sales, or an ERP solution? If they provide an API (Application Program Interface), we can connect to it. Have your systems update Brick River ...
Things get way easier when the emailer and the contact manager are together in one system. You can easily pick a specific list of people and then, in a click, send them an email. Email segmentation at...
Zip code filter your contacts. Need to find all your members near an event or in a certain city? Or, need to send an email to everyone within 50 miles of your home office? You can.


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