Many sites in one place. On brand.

If you need to run a bunch of websites but in a non-lame, easy-to-manage way, give us a look.

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Maestros ask, "Why Multisite?"

Keep dozens or hundreds of sites on brand.

Give your sub regions, field offices, chapters, franchisees, etc sites. Let them focus on what they do best, not on what they do worst.

Control all the sites in one central place. Make edits centrally and all sites change.

Publish content in one step to all the sites. No more logging into multiple systems or posting the same content multiple times in multiple places.

Standardize training and systems. Bring all newbies up on one common platform. And turnover is no longer a headache of figuring out systems, rebuilding, or searching for logins.

MmMm Multisite

Jane is nice and stuff, but the last thing she wanted was her districts ineptly building their own crappy sites.

Before Brick River, her districts' sites were all over the place. A couple had sites. Most didn't. Worse: no one was on-brand.

She turned to our our multisite solution and now everyone has a site and they're all on-brand. Districts post their content, but Jane can post content on all their sites in one step.

If a core improvement is needed, they do it in the shared code and, boom, all the sites change.

Districts help each other and if there is turnover, they bring the newbies up on a standard system.

Bring on the wackadoodle-y delicious desserts!

Caring by job function

Communication Directors

Post your news/events/blogs/content/whatever across dozens or hundreds websites in one step without breaking a sweat. Keep it D.R.Y. → "Don't Repeat Yourself".

Executives and Financial People
Save tons of time and money, both on the initial project, and over time. Our multisites share common layouts. That means you do ONE design project and ONE build out. And over time, as you make updates and improvements, you make it in ONE place.

IT Leaders
YOU control the technical stuff centrally and your satellite folks are free to do what they do best and focus on content.