Multisite management: control branding, share content, reduce work

Connect many websites

Multisite management for multi-location, multi-brand, or franchise organizations

Do you worry about people going off in all directions, wasting YOUR time, wasting THEIR time, not focusing on business objectives, and clouding your brand? Multisite management should do more than single-sign-on. When your content, code, and collaborators are in one place, you can easily build and manage multiple websites, control your brand, reduce headaches, and lower costs.



Business Leaders

Centralize and connect your websites, content, and brands.

Whether you’re building one site or hundreds, Brick River makes it easy and affordable. Keep all your sites in one system, and share content and branding across all of them.

  • Brand consistency ensures consistent communication across sites
  • Lower costs and higher productivity for parent and sub sites
  • Standardized training for your site managers increases efficiency


Designers & content experts

Build sites, share content, and easily stay on brand.

Keep all your sites in one multisite management system and easily share content across them. Spin up a new site, landing page, or event site with the confidence it will be on brand.

  • Editing a page is as easy as clicking on your content and typing
  • Keep it WYSIWYG-easy or do a deep dive into the raw HTML/CSS
  • Publish content across many websites with one click



No limitations. Your code, your way.

The Brick River multisite management system can be infinitely customized to your unique needs. You code in C#, with nothing proprietary, so you have unlimited dimensions and can sync with any other business system.

  • All code is accessible online
  • SaaS means no infrastructure headaches for you
  • Security and speed is assured on the Microsoft Azure Cloud



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