Brick River For Non Profit Organizations

Regardless of size, strategy, and mission, there are a few things that all nonprofits have in common.  You need more than a beautiful website to get your message out.  And you need to solve business size problems on a less-than-business size budget.  

Brick River has been helping nonprofits meet these challenges for more than ten years.  We build websites - beautiful, responsive websites that deliver your message as effectively on a smartphone screen as on a 24 inch monitor.  

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg...

Our content management system was developed specifically to manage the things that make your organization. For example, things like...

  • news
  • events
  • volunteers
  • donors
  • sponsors
  • inspirational stories
  • work projects
  • fund raisers
  • camp sessions
  • board meetings
  • and beyond.

Our web based interface is intuitive, easy to learn, and accessible anywhere you can get a wifi or data signal.  

Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, a Millennial, or somewhere in between - Brick River makes it easy for you to tell your story in words, photos and video.

View examples of how we have helped nonprofits

 New Hampshire Theatre Project

 Rocky Mountain UMC

Here's a video case study on work we did for NOMADS

 Email if you want it

The Brick River system is more than just a CMS. Many of our customers use it to manage their communications departments. Certainly more if you want or don't if you don't.

For your audience that responds best to Email, we provide a world class email blaster with a library of templates to deliver your messages with the same images and visual style that you feature on your website. Your Gmail-loving audience will be able to make a donation, register for a fundraiser, or update their user profile -  all from the body of the email message.  You can track your success with analytics that report each time a recipient opens or forwards a message - or clicks on one of your sponsor’s links.


Once you’ve gotten the word out - our Registration module is there to help you get people on board.  The registration forms you create can be easily posted on a web page or distributed via email.  Every day, Brick River customers use our registration system for events ranging from the weekend bake sale to the week long annual conference to the summer youth camp with three sessions and 1,000 campers.

Oh - and event registrants automatically become contacts in our built in Contact Manager - ready to be included in your next email campaign or easily uploaded to other CRM applications.

All of this is delivered on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  

That means no software downloads or periodic upgrades.  Never worry about backups, disc space limits, server crashes or whether the system  can handle four thousand or four million page visits per day - it can.

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