Rocky Mountain UMC Website

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We did a complete website redesign for them and transfer from Joomla to the Brick River platform.

Challenges and Tasks

  • How to quickly route a large number of visitor types from the homepage.
  • Make it easy for their team to publish content.
  • Migrate content from Joomla.
  • Handle a variety of content types.
  • Create a nightly data sync from an external contact database.
  • Get them up and running on the whole Brick River platform - that means the CMS, the emailer, and event reg. They were going to continue to use a different system as their primary contact management system.

Content Types to Publish

  • Homepage features - featured in the carousel or other areas of the site
  • News
  • Events
  • Photo albums
  • Classifieds
  • A repository of forms
  • Churches directory
  • People directory
  • Staff directories
  • Video library
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Prayer requests
  • A list of appointment change (job change) announcements

Content They Wanted Visitors to be able to Submit

We created data forms so site visitors can submit these content objects. They go into the Brick River database in a state of "needing approval."
  • Booking a conference room
  • Events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • News articles
  • Classified ads
  • Photos


  • The homepage has an area below the carousel with photos that the different visitor types can click to quickly access their sections.
  • The carousel on the homepage is controlled in size. Instead of doing a "one giant photo" type carousel, we made it be a carousel of three cards. This makes it easy for them to post photos since they only need ensure that the photos are larger than this spot. The Brick River image resizer function resizes and crops the images.
  • The header on the site loads a different photo from around their state.
  • On the lower part of the homepage, they are able to post second-tier-level features. These tend to be areas where they feature bigger upcoming events or initiatives.