Let Us Solve Your Tech Headaches So That You Can Focus on Your Mission and Your Business

For more than 20 years, Brick River has been solving tech problems for mission-driven organizations and companies.
Our easy-to-use, integrated software addresses the most common causes of tech pain.

Pain Point #1: Your systems are not on speaking terms. 

Your website doesn’t talk to your contacts database. Staff are inputting the same contacts into two different systems, leading to extra work, errors, and migraine-level frustration. 

Brick River Solution: The Brick River software is integrated by design with all parts working together. For example, you enter contacts in one place and they are available to be used by any part of the system–which means any contact can play many roles at once, such as donor, newsletter subscriber, attendee, board member. . . 

Pain Point #2: A complexity complex. 

A diagram showing all of your software and the connections between the parts looks like a map of the NYC subway system. Replacing any piece of software would mean rebuilding all of the connections. 

Brick River Solution: The CMS is your portal to all of the features and modules. A simple navigation bar puts contacts, emails, events, and content a click away. Zen-like, calm-inducing.  You won’t need a therapist to treat you for Data Overload Syndrome. 

Pain Point #3: How many consultants does it take to connect a website to a database? And how long are they staying??

You invested in integrator software to make connections between your website and your contacts database. The salespeople said it would be an easy job. Six months later, the consultants are asking about the ground rules for the Yankee Swap.   

Brick River Solution: We thrive on collaboration and we hate surprises (including surprise parties). All of our contracts include an estimated range of hours informed by our in-depth planning process. We provide ongoing support to set up and trouble-shoot the Brick River system and we’re always available to talk about additional work such as customized add-ons.

Pain Point #4: Templates of doom. 

A template-driven platform was a great way to get you up and running quickly online, but lately you’re finding the templates are bogging you down rather than freeing you up. Your web staff is spending a lot of time searching for templates and then trying to bend them to meet your needs. 

Brick River Solution: We help you figure out what you need and then we build  customized websites that match your brand, your workflows, and your customers’ needs. 

Advantages of the Brick River Software


  • All your data is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • No need for you to manage servers, databases, system code, or plug-ins

  • Continuous backup, redundant servers spread across multiple data centers and instantaneous increase in  bandwidth if traffic spikes  

Push-Button Setup and Instant Updates

  • We have preconfigured bundles to get you started fast with the basic platform. All you need to do is click a link. 

  • We push updates out automatically, along with training videos for new features. 

  • No need to have your techies update the database, plug-ins, or code.  

Unlimited Users On Your Account

  • Brick River is not sold on a 'per seat' basis. Add as many users to your account as you like.

  • Set User and Group permissions to control access to content .

Customized Tables And Fields

  • Every organization is unique; we typically add some custom fields in every installation

  • We're built to accommodate your growth and evolution

Single Point of Entry

  • A single place to log in gets you access to all your data. 

  • You and your staff only need to learn one product and you only pay for one license fee

Families of Sites

  • Keep dozens or hundreds of sites on brand.

  • Provide consistent, professional sites for your sub regions, field offices, chapters, franchisees, etc –dozens or hundreds

  • Publish content in one step to all the sites. No more logging into multiple systems 

  • Leave space for satellite offices to post local content

Tools for Creative Design

  • Our website designer platform allows you to code freely or use convenient WYSIWYG tools. Or bring one of your favorite templates. 

  • No time-consuming and expensive configuration/development process

Content Management

  • Easily embed Brick River forms, so people don’t need to manually download and send PDFs.

  • Efficiently organize all your content such as articles, blog posts, newsletters. . . ...

  • Customize and structure data, fields, and tables to fit your mission.

Contacts and emailer

  • Manage all your contacts and their various roles and relationships: donors, email subscriber, event participant and so on. . .

  • Full-powered emailer integrated with contacts, content, and event registration

Event Registration

  • Everything you need to plan, promote, and organize any kind of event for no extra cost

  • Safely handles ticketing, payments, attendance, coupons, group registrations

  • Includes forms and surveys and various kinds of reports

Great Customer Service

  • We read our email.

  • We respond to phone calls

  • We answer questions and solve problems