Registration Form Manager and Reporting Options

Registration Form Manager and Reporting Options

Each time a Forms is submitted, Brick River creates or updates a Contact record and adds a record to the View of Registrations for that Form.

Contacts and Registrants

For each Form submitted, Brick River evaluates that First Name, Last Name, and Email address indicated on the Form.  If they match an existing Contact - that Contact will be edited.  The Registration field will be updated to include the name of the Form that was submitted.  If no match is found, the registrant is added as a new Contact.

Form Manager and Report Views


Form Manager Window

Each Form submitted can be opened for review.  From the Registration Forms  View, click the name of any Form to display all the Registrations for that Form in the Form Manager Window.  Click on any Registration to open it for review.

Registration Reports

The Form Manager Window also provides several links to analyze Form responses and print or download reports.


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