Registration and Email Templates

Registration and Email Templates

Brick River allows Users to easily create beautiful Email and Web Registration campaigns by using a library of  custom templates to format messages and website data forms.

Templates can only be created and edited by Administrators.

User and Group permissions manage which Templates can accessed by which users when creating emails or new registration forms.

Creating Emails and Registration forms is documented in the User's Guide

Create New Email Templates

  • Click the Email Menu link to open The Email Center.
  • Click the Templates link

The Templates Window displays your current library of Custom Templates.

Toggle the window between a view of My templates (Customized Templates) 1 and the Template Gallery(base designs for you to modify) 2 .  'Managed' templates may be edited using the Template Editor. If users are given permission to create email and no Custom Templates are available, Brick River will apply the minimalist 'Custom Template' found in the Template Gallery.

3  Click 'Create one from our gallery' or simply click the Template Gallery link to create a new template.

Email Template Editor

1   Use fields in the left sidebar to adjust style elements of the template.  Click Save and Refresh to view changes.

The More button provides links to:

2  create a copy the template in its current form.

3   display the email variables  that can be used to include user information, such as [[firstname]] and [[email]].

4   expose the raw HTML of the template for copy and pasting.

5   archive the template.  It will no longer be available when creating new emails.

6   delete the template.

Create a New Registration Form Template

Registration Form Templates can be created to customize the form header appearance and the form body background appearance.  Out of the box, Brick River provides a minimalist Default Template that uses the Account Short Name as the form header.

To create your first Custom Template.

  • Click the Reg Menu and select the Design Templates link.
  • Click the Create New button.

Use fields on the right sidebar to style the Header/Banner and Body area background, title and text.

Click Save & Refresh to preview your changes in the window.

Managing Custom Reg Templates

When multiple Custom Templates exist, use the Reg Template window to manage default create, edit and manage additional templates.

1   One Template can be designated as the default template.  Others are reg Templates.  The default will be used as the basis for creating new templates - as well as the default template when Users create a new form.

2   Click View / Edit to make changes to existing Templates

3 Click Delete to delete a Template

4   Click to change the default Template

5   Click to duplicate an existing template.


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