Registration Form Examples

Registration Form Examples

Survey Form Example

The simplest type of form is a survey.  Surveys do not include fields for receiving payments and do not require users to submit a name and email address.

The following is a simple form asking users to provide information about their TV viewing habits.  Form elements are configured using the Form Properties and Form Fields screens.

Form Properties

To add and configure Form Properties, open the form design view and click the Properties link


1 Form Template - The header image and other elements of the form header and body are determined by the form template.  This form uses our Basic Template - which displays an image (our logo) on a blue background.

Click here to learn how to create form templates.


The Title 2  and Description  3 appear above any fields added to the form.


A CAPTCHA field  4 and button  5 appear below any fields added to the form. 

 A CAPTCHA field prevents the form from being submitted by automated web bots.  This form uses the default button text, "Submit Form".


Form Fields

To add and configure Form Fields, open the form design view and click the Fields link


This survey demonstrates the use of Text, Yes/No, Check Box, Multiple Choice, Conditional, and Heading Fields

Text Fields 6 create fields for users to provide free form text responses.


Yes / No Fields  7 create radio buttons to accept either a Yes or No response.

In this survey a condition is added to the field.  If the user clicks Yes, a Text field displays to ask for additional information.

Click here to learn more about adding conditions.

This Multiple Choice Field  8 is configured to allow for more than one answer to be provided.

Use  buttons to add and sort choices.  Use  buttons to re-arrange and remove choices.

This Multiple Choice Field  9 uses a drop down list to force the user to choose one value from a list.

This Header Field    10     places static text on the form.


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