Registration Form Field Conditions

Registration Form Field Conditions

After you have added fields to a new form, you can apply conditions to hide or display fields based on a users response to other fields.  It is best practice to hide fields that are not relevant to the current state of the form.  For example, if a user indicates that they will not be attending Saturday classes - they should not be asked which classes they would like to attend on Saturday.

In the following example, if a user clicks Yes - they do use closed captions due to a hearing impairment - the form will refresh to display a Check Box field asking them an additional question.

 How to Apply Conditions to Form Fields


Create and Save the fields in the Form Fields screen.  The example below displays a Yes/No Field 1 and a Check Box Field 2 .


On the Form Design screen, click the Conditions link.

In the section for the Yes/No field "Do you use closed captions..." drag the button representing the Check Box field "I would be willing to receive additional..." to the Yes show: window

 After applying this condition, the form will display a 'hidden on load' icon on the Checkbox field on the Form Design screen.

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